Recent Finds 2003

June 22nd


     The high point of this hunt was the recovery of a complete celt (pictured above, bottom left) that was only barely visible.  Ground stone seemed to be the theme of the day as three other fragmentary tools were recovered including the bit end of a beveled adze (above, bottom right).  A very classic, complete Lamoka point ( top row, 4th from left) was the capstone of a productive day in the fields.  All of these finds were surface collected from disturbed sites subject to agriculture in Monroe County, New York. 

     The two images above are of the complete Lamoka point (in-situ), and the complete celt just after it was released from the soil.  Use the following link if you are interested in purchasing one of the scales you see included in these in-situ images: 

Archaeologist’s Photographic Scale

     Note the point tip in-situ at right– its color was a very close match to the surrounding soil, making it very difficult to see.  It turned out to be a complete point (top row, 3rd from left).  In sum, over 20 artifacts were collected on this outing, the more diagnostic finds are pictured here.  Thanks for visiting Creekside Artifacts!