Recent Finds 2003

May 25th


†††† The weather on Memorial Day weekend was much better than expected and artifact hunting was very productive.At top left, is a Lamoka point.A small celt (at left) lays exposed.Above is a very nice Hopewell point.All were surface collected in Monroe County, New York.††

†††† Hereís my six year old son, Austin, with his very first findó a reallynice,complete Lamoka point.I hope that he will continue to enjoy the hobby as much as I have.

†††† The two in-situ images above are of the same point.Itís really exciting when you come upon a tip or a base protruding from the soil.Sometimes the artifacts are broken, and on occasion you get lucky and recover a complete projectile point, as seen above at right.

†††† At right is a quartzite cobble that was used as a muller.Both faces have been flattened and smoothed by use-wear.††††